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Train the Trainer – the Lean Way

Train the Trainer – the Lean Way (2 days)


The main aim of this programme is to give a team of individuals within an organisation the ability, motivation and tool kit to facilitate others in implementing a Lean Improvement programme.

This 2 day, interactive and fun course is for a maximum of 20 people and is designed to allow delegates to practice the skills needed to design and facilitate a Lean Improvement programme.

Course Content:

Part 1 The Lean Journey

Understanding the concept of Lean is often a given, but facilitators must know exactly why they are embarking on a Lean Journey

1.1 The business improvement Lego game: a factory simulation game to highlight the benefits of Lean Thinking and demonstrate basic facilitation skills

1.2 Lean Principles: Value, Value Chain, Flow, Pull, and Perfection: including relating back to the host company’s own manufacturing processes

1.3 Identifying the seven wastes: including methods and ideas to identify and overcome the wastes in group sessions and discussions

1.4 Structuring a Lean Business Improvement Initiative: specifically to successfully manage multiple small, and few large business improvement projects in a framework linked back to the businesses overall objectives.

Part 2 Facilitating a Lean Project (or many Lean Projects within a Lean Improvement Programme)

The main skills and techniques used in facilitating a Lean Project are best learnt through participation in the Lean Improvement Process

2.1 Value Stream Mapping the current and future state maps: the main tool to identify the process which will be improved through Lean techniques, needs special attention from a facilitators point of view, including specific goals the facilitator should aim to achieve

2.2 Cause and Effective diagrams to identify waste: the main tool used in manufacturing teams to identify root causes and potential improvement ideas, specifically demonstrating how to facilitate productive brainstorming sessions within short time frames

2.3 Simplified project management techniques: to allow Lean Project managers the ability to manage multiple Lean projects simultaneously

2.4 Ideas for improving manufacturing processes: including looking for Quick Wins, Tactical, Changes and Strategic Choices, and ideas to help the facilitator move their team towards in creating real solutions.

Who should attend?

People becoming increasingly involved in rolling out a Lean improvement programme, running their own projects and looking to facilitate groups more effectively in the improvement journey.

It is essential that the delegates have a good understanding and experience of applying Lean tools and techniques as this programme aims to expand their knowledge of how to train others – rather than learn the tools themselves.

Categories: leadership, lean, training

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