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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course

Six Sigma Yellow Belt (2 days)

The aim of this two day Lean Sigma Yellow Belt programme is to improve the understanding and awareness of the skills required by team members, who will be working with Green and Black Belt Lean Sigma professionals.

This training also lays the foundations for team members who wish to develop additional Lean Sigma skills and progress to accredited Green and Black Belt Training.


This intensive, practical and interactive two day Lean Sigma Yellow Belt course will enable delegates to understand:

  • The principles and importance of business improvement
  • The DMAIC process as an improvement and project management model and the key activities required at each stage.
  • The importance of determining the “voice of the customer” and defining “Value” in terms of customer requirements
  • The basics of measuring and analyzing performance, through key performance indicators
  • The identification and evaluation of solutions
  • The best methods to establish ongoing process control and improvement through Standardisation

Course Content

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course, which includes a number of group exercises, covers:

  • Lean Sigma Introduction
  • Factory/Office Simulation Exercise
  • What is a System, Process or Activity
  • Understanding variability within a process
  • Defining Customer Value and the “Voice of the Customer”
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • DMAIC overview
  • SIPOC diagrams and Process Mapping
  • Measurement basics
  • Collecting data
  • Basic data analysis—Pareto, histograms and run charts
  • Cause and effect — Ishikaw/fish bone diagrams
  • Identifying, evaluating and developing solutions
  • Statistical Process Control overview
  • An introduction into Change Management techniques and the Project Charter

Who should attend?

The Lean Sigma Yellow Belt course is ideal for those individuals who will be involved in taking part in Lean or 6 Sigma projects. For example Team Leaders, Team Members and Departmental Managers

Duration and accreditation process:

2 consecutive days, no formal assessment or accreditation process


It is expected that the Yellow Belt training would be part of an overall Six Sigma roll out programme in an organisation; enabling a large number of stakeholders to have a better understanding of the role of Six Sigma and how they can help.  Pricing would be dependent on the scale of the roll out and the number of people involved.  However, a budget price would be £1300 to £1500 per two day programme, for up to 12 delegates per course.

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