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Six Sigma Black Belt Training Course

 Lean 6Sigma – Black Belt:

Lighthouse Consultants has provided this in-house training course to a number of repeat clients, including The Ordnance Survey.  It is an excellent value course as the all-inclusive price covers up to 6 delegates, project mentoring and post-project support. 


This intensive, practical and interactive 20 day program will enable delegates to understand:

  • The big picture view of their organisation
  • The advanced techniques around Lean 6Sigma
  • The power of software to simulate processes and improvement opportunities
  •  The difficulty, and the tools, to maintain improvements

 Course Content

The Lean Sigma Black Belt training course, which includes a number of group exercises, covers all the material required for Black Belt accreditation by Lighthouse Consultants: 

  • Define:  
    • Voice of the customer  
    • DMAIC overview  
    • Project selection and management  
    • Factory/Office Simulation Exercise – Advanced Edition  
    • Value Stream / Process Mapping  
    • Understanding the big picture – 5 lean principles mapped against DMAIC  
    • Stakeholder Analysis  
    • FMEA and Force Field Analysis  
    • 5S for 6Sigma 
  • Measure
    • Understanding variability within a process
    • Cost of poor quality
    • The statapult…………
    • The Sigma calculation and basic descriptive statistics
    • The 7 Quality Tools
    • Measurement basics
    • Normality testing and identifying non normal distributions
    • Overall Equipment Efficiency
    • Measurement Systems Analysis, Gauge R and R 
  •  Analysis:
    •  Capability studies
    •  Multi Variance Study
    •  Hypothesis Testing
    •  Non parametric studies
    •  Confidence Intervals, Regression, Non Linear Regression
  • Improve:
    •  Process modeling – part 1
    •  Process modeling – part 2
    •  Design of Experiments
    •  EVOP
    •  RSM
    •  Process optimization 
  •  Control:
    •  SPC
    •  Non normal control charting
    •  Project closure
    •  TPM for 6Sigma
    •  Advance capability studies
    •  Design for 6Sigma
    •  Change Management – making it permanent
    •  Where to gain further help  
  • Who should attend?

    The Lean 6Sigma Black Belt course is ideal for those individuals who are employed primarily to drive business improvement projects within an organisation. These individuals will be responsible for delivering major change within organisations and could include: Head of Business Improvement, CI Engineers, Internal Business Improvement Consultants, Project Managers, and Internal Change Consultants.

      Duration and accreditation process:

      20 days in the class room, delivered in 4 x 5 day blocks, over a 4 month period.

      1 day site visit to support client in gaining accreditation.

      Remote telephone and email mentoring.

      Accreditation is through demonstrating a significant impact for the host organisation, with an aim of a minimum of £75k saving per year, along with the completion of a multiple choice, 30 minute exam on day 20. 

        For further details contact:

        Stephen Anthony, Lean Six Sigma Practitioner

        Mobile: 07717 862798

        Email: steve@lighthouseconsultants.co.uk

        Web: www.lighthouseconsultants.co.uk

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