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Lighthouse Consultants use a systematic Coaching Model to culturally transform complex organisations through Lean, Six Sigma and Leadership skills.

We work collaboratively with our clients to establish:

  • Desired Outcomes
  • Current Situation
  • Choices
  • Preferred Actions
  • Review plan

Desired Outcomes – What do you want to achieve, and by when?

We use our Vision Web to help companies understand and articulate exactly what new way of working they want, and what they want this to achieve; for example, increasing capacity, increasing profit, improving morale etc

Situation – What is going on at the moment? How close are you to your Outcome? What is in your way?

We use the most appropriate methods to identify the current situation – from a brief chat, to a four week process mapping initiative – in order to understand the true root cause of any issue.

Choices – Our experience across a wide range of industries means that you can benefit from best practice ideas and world-class knowledge.  We help you decide the most appropriate options including:

  • Government Funded Programmes
  • Tailored training packages
  • Business coaching for individuals
  • Group development workshops
  • Strategic planning tools
  • Lean consultancy
  • Six Sigma training

We motivate our clients to take Action and to become more in control of their future, with regular Reviews to ensure the desired Outcomes are being met.

Lighthouse Consultants'

lean consultancy

Lean means looking at your processes in a new way and using the most appropriate tools to make improvements, often leading to radical shifts in culture.  Our wide breadth of experience and knowledge of World-Class Lean and Process Improvement tools,… Read more...

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six sigma consultancy

Lighthouse Consultants use Six Sigma to solve complex problems using statistics.  Our expertise has enabled us to develop cutting edge solutions for a wide variety of organisations – from traditional manufacturing issues, to Public Sector decision-making, helping them to solve… Read more...

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leadership consultancy

Lighthouse Consultants has strategic experience in a wide range of industries, as well as extensive knowledge of internationally recognised business accreditations, which means our clients have been able to make step changes in their performance and competitiveness. Past work has… Read more...

Category: consultancy, leadership

cultural transformation consultancy

Our integrated Systems Thinking approach enables change to be effective and long-lasting.  We involve all levels of staff in our interventions, working with the current culture in order to facilitate progress. This approach is more than just Change Management, as… Read more...

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