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Why choose Lighthouse Consultants?

We are aware that you can choose from many companies in order to bring cost savings, increased capacity and improved customer service to your organisation.  We work hard, therefore, to provide a positive experience to all our clients.  Most of our clients come back to us for repeat work, so we know we are doing many things well.  They choose to use us again because:

  • they get immediate benefits
    • training uses data and examples from their own organisation
    • consultancy provides immediate Quick Wins
  • we create immediate positive change in the culture
    • their people are involved and feel motivated
    • we really listen
    • we work within the current culture and processes
    • we invite ideas
    • we get people excited about ‘the art of the possible’
  • they feel confident that we can deliver
    • we have a track record in a wide variety of industries
    • we utilise a wide range of tools and methodologies
    • we produce results
  • we work with them to understand and solve the real problem
    • sometimes the initial issue is only the tip of the iceberg
    • we find out what is really going on
  • we offer excellent value
    • we provide additional mentoring and coaching to key stakeholders
    • we charge by the day, not the delegate
    • we recommend low-cost solutions
    • we keep our cost base low
    • we can offer government funded training or consultancy to some organisations
  • they feel secure with us
    • we use the language and format of our clients
    • we are flexible in our approach
    • we work within existing systems and methodologies
    • we provide impartial advice
    • as accredited business advisors we can signpost clients to appropriate additional help
  • we create permanent change

If you want to know more about how we can offer you the opportunity of making permanent, immediate, positive change in your organisation, then Contact Us to discuss your requirements and access our services.